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Natural Beef from Wells Family Farms  

All our beef is tested for e-coli. A lab report for your beef is available on request. View sample lab report below:

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Lab Report from Midwest Laboratories
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State of Missouri Affidavit for Live Calves (pdf file)

Photos from Wells Family Farms Ranch

Wells Family FarmsWells Family FarmsWells Family FarmsWells Family FarmsWells Family Farms


Beilers Meats is partnered with Wells Family Farms Show Me Beef. Wells Family Farms is a ranch located in Northwest Missouri.

where the beef is raised...

Raised in the wide-open pastures of King City, Missouri by Wells Family Farms, the cattle enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh water. The surrounding timber and ravines offer both summer and winter protection to make an all-around pleasing place for our herds.

Wells Family Farms is committed to the health of their land, herds, and the nutritional value of what we produce. Northwest Missouri has long been the perfect place in the United States to raise beef. The gently rolling hills, abundant water supply, lush meadows, and beautiful timer make this a heaven on earth for our cattle.

Wells Family FarmsWells Family FarmsWells Family Farms

Wells Family Farms

Grass Fed Beef
Beef raised the way it should be!

4009 State Highway UU, King City, MO 64463

about the ranch...

Wells Family Farms finds its roots deep in the Missouri soil.   Four generations of farming and raising cattle in this portion of the United States has been a great challenge, with many rewards.

Wells Family FarmsTo remain a viable agriculture business in this age has brought many changes to the day to day life of farmers.  From the changes in field work to the absence of additives in the cattle feed the changes are far reaching.  Our cattle have never been on the steroid and hormone roller coaster ride many adopted in the last 50 years or so, which has given us a lead on our competitors.  Becoming all natural was an obvious course of action to our farm since we have been maintaining our pastures and cattle in this method for years now.  It is the only way to truly raise cattle.  The humane treatment of animals should always be at the top of the list of priorities. 

Living and working in Missouri can be a challenge, from the hot, hot summers to the very cold winters, each season has it's ups and downs.  Our family takes great pride in being able to offer the fruits of our labor to you the general consumer.  We offer our All Natural Grass Fed Beef for sale.  It can be purchased through health food stores, online and through seasonal farmers markets here in Missouri.  Our product is available wholesale and retail, and if our new research pays off your school age children will soon be enjoying it!  Keep an eye on our new release area for more details in the future.  To be able to make a success of farming in this age one must not only be the farmer, but the marketer and salesman too!

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