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Beiler's Meats Naturally Grown Pork & Turkey

Pork & TurkeyAll Natural Grain Fed Pork:
Beilers Meats sells a variety of natural grain fed pork products .

  • Guaranteed Steroid, Hormone, and Antibiotic FREE!
  • No antibiotics or growth promotants ever
  • No artificial ingredients or added water
  • No animal by-products; all-natural grain fed
  • Humanely raised - certified Free-Farmed by the American Humane Association
  • Raised and processed locally in Pennsylvania
  • Competitive in price. view pricing

All Natural Turkey:

Beilers Meats sells a variety of fresh turkey products including Turkey Bacons, Scrapples, 

 Hams, Jerky, Drumsticks, Hot Dogs, 

 sausages, and more! view pricing

...Attention to biosecurity, the animal's environment, and healthy genetics allow these animals to be raised antibiotic free. We have had an extensive and positive experience at the University with these husbandry practices that provide open pens for gestating sows, ample space for growing pigs, and a diet free of antibiotics and animal by-products.
(Dr. Tom Parsons, New Bolton Center Swine Veterinarian - School of Veterinary Medicine -University of Pennsylvania)

From our farm to your shelf, we ensure fresh products and the highest quality!


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