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Beiler's Meats Grass Fed Beef
All Natural Grass Fed Beef:
  • Guaranteed Steroid, Hormone, and Antibiotic FREE!
  • Only holistic methods are used for treating illness and injury
  • Fed all natural grasses, oats, salt, and trace minerals.
  • Higher in Omega Fatty Acids #3 & #6 which can help improve cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Not fed corn, any type of hulls, distiller's grain, or any other by-products
  • Competitive in price. view pricing

    Raised at Wells Family Farms- Learn more!

Native Missouri grasses create a full flavor that is not only delicious, but also healthy! Our all natural grass fed beef provides the important Omega Fatty Acids #3 & 6. Just adding these two items to your dietary intake will help to improve your cholesterol, blood pressure, and help protect the body from cancer.
(Source Missouri Ruralist, Successful Farming, Beef Producers, Mother Earth News - Archived Files - 1-17-2007)


Grass Fed Beef





Beiler’s Meats come from all natural grass fed beef. Simply put, they eat only grasses, both native and oats, salt and trace minerals. The cattle are not fed corn, hulls of any sort, distillers grain or any other by-products. Mother Nature has a way of providing the needed minerals, vitamins and appropriate diet for cattle, if the producer is willing to work with her.

Raised in the wide-open pastures of King City, Missouri by Wells Family Farms, the cattle enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh water. The surrounding timber and ravines offer both summer and winter protection to make an all-around pleasing place for our herds. learn more about where the beef is raised

The cattle are never given any growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and only holistic methods are used for treating any illness or injury. Both of these methods have been used by cattlemen for decades with excellent results. Veterinarian visits are limited to vaccinations and overall health checks. On the rare occasion that an animal is unable to meet this criteria, it is separated, then transferred to a different producer program.

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